Our platform is:

1. Easy to use
2. Provides quick visual to quick action (volume at price box turns yellow when algorithmic volume occurs)
3. No unnecessary charts and graphics to distract and provide false sense of “security”

Our success is in simplicity because our proprietary volume-tracking algorithm works

Hidden Force Flux chart format (see picture/video below):

  • ‘total|replenished’ bid volume displayed in the left half of the volume at price box
  • ‘swept|algorithmic’ bid volume displayed underneath ‘total|replenished’ in the left half of the volume box
  • ‘total|replenished’ ask volume displayed in the right half of the volume box
  • ‘swept|algorithmic’ ask volume displayed underneath ‘total|replenished’ in the right half of the volume box

Example_Yellow Box

Volume types explained (applies equally to bid/ask volume):

  • ‘total’: bid/ask volume traded during that time period
  • ‘replenished’: volume traded in excess of the displayed best size
  • ‘swept’: volume traded while order book level(s) is(are) being swept-’fast move’ volume
  • ‘algorithmic’: volume determined by our proprietary computation

The various types of volume expose to various degree some of market’s intentions.


  • excellent at early detection/spotting of iceberg orders
  • signifies increased orderflow support/resistance in areas where it is high at bid/ask, helpful in identifying/confirming potential reversal/continuation areas


  • occurs in areas where stops might have been run or breakout orders have been triggered
  • depending on the size of this volume one can get a better gauge of whether a breakout will fail/hold


  • full order book data along with time/sales are used in our proprietary computation to determine this volume
  • excellent at high precision detection of reversal/continuation points in the market
  • unique in that even a very small algorithmic volume size (be it just 1 contract) is capable of the same precision in pinpointing the potential reversal/continuation points in the market

Watch the following video for a preview of our software at work


CumulativeBidAskDelta chart format (see picture below):

  • displays price graph (blue line) along with cumulative delta graph (black line)
  • shows red/green dots/diamonds where ‘localized delta divergence’ occurred
  • shows red/green solid/dashed lines at the level where ‘orderflow support/resistance’ was detected



The concepts of ‘localized delta divergence’, ‘orderflow support/resistance’ are explained in Owner’s Manual which becomes available when you download and install the software.
Note: just to further clarify our concept of ‘localized delta divergence’ is different from the usual delta divergence you may be familiar with and is based on our proprietary computation.

Localized delta divergences and orderflow support/resistance can be used to:

  • spot areas where increased trade density resulted in ‘one sided’ order flow pressure that either failed/prevailed in subsequent price action
  • determine significant reference points for future price action when price revisits these areas
  • gauge ‘strength’ behind a move