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HFFWebinarReplenishedVolumeAGENDA: Click to Watch Recording

1. HFF Replenished Volume
  i. CL, GC replenished volume situations


HFFWebinarBasicRulesToFollowPictureAGENDA: Click to Watch Recording

1. HFF Basic Rules To Follow
 i.   What (not) to do when fading a move
 ii.  What (not) to do when following a move


HFFx 102_Look at Market 1 pagerAGENDA: Click to Watch Recording

1. This weeks market action through HFF
    software lenses
i.   CL,ES
ii.  Situational analysis

iii. Review of order flow events

1. Quick software overview
 i.   Set up
 ii.  Instruments (symbols/tickers)
 iii. Data Feed
2. HFF Software outputs
 i.  Charts
 ii. Basic Rules

3. Q&A